Building Resilience

We build resilient leaders, resilient teams and resilient companies.

How do we do that?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from hard things and is a key factor in leadership.
At Resilient Leaders, we believe resilience building starts from the inside out. We provide learning experiences, coaching and brave spaces for practice and application so that leaders can hone in all three layers of resilience.

Our three key areas of focus in resilient building include:

1. Self Management: The ability to recognize emotions as feedback, navigate any discomfort that comes from the emotion, and move forward with the next right thing to do in the moment.

2. Relationship Skills: The ability to build relationships (both individual and team), invest in those relationships growth, recognize when there is a rupture in the relationship, and repair those ruptures so that the relationship and work can move forward.

3. Belonging: People want to know they matter, their contributions matter, their voice is heard, and they are connected to others in a meaningful way. Every day actions can lead to building this sense of belonging or lead to the exclusion of others ideas, voices and who they are. Successful work cultures actively build belonging and actively address exclusion.