Cultivate Resilient Leaders and Belonging Work Cultures that Achieve Results

Improving decision making, innovation, and growth through resilient leaders and teams.
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Shape resilient leaders and teams through a 3 step internal talent development process

  • Increase engagement, belonging, retention, & growth – ensure teams produce to their potential. 
  • Enhance feedback to ensure teams and leaders consistently communicate experiences and concerns. 
  • Improving decision making so that you can eliminate silos and gather powerful perspectives and information.

Do your leaders and teams struggle to nagivate discomfort?

Symptoms can include:

  • Delays in important decision-making
  • Ineffective feedback culture
  • Disengaged teams
  • Avoidance of difficult converstations
  • Inadequate conflict resolution skills resulting in poor business results
  • Declining morale, inclusiveness, trust and/or innovation

Building Workforce Engagement

When you shape resilient teams and leaders, you reinforce the inclusive culture and engaged workforce essential for innovation and growth.

Active Engagement

Active Engagement

Increase belonging, retention, & growth. Ensure teams produce to their potential.

Authentic Feedback

Authentic Feedback

Consistently communicate experiences including recognition and concern

Improved Decision-Making

Improved Decision-Making

Eliminate silos and gather powerful perspectives and information to create meaningful change.

About Resilient Leaders

Many organizations are committed to building an engaged workforce, but have leaders who struggle to effectively navigate discomfort and hard conversations. As a result, executives lack the authentic feedback essential for inclusive cultures, innovation, and growth.

With more than 25 years of experience driving results for U.S.-based and multinational companies, we understand how challenging it can be to shape the workforce of the future; this is why we offer The Resilience Effect™️ a repeatable, scalable process for shaping resilient leaders and teams.

The Resilience Effect™

A repeatable, scalable process for shaping resilient leaders and teams.


Ability to recognize physical signs of discomfort and enhance skills for navigating that discomfort so you can process it effectively.

Skill up your ability to name emotions and how they are impacting your thinking and your behavior. Do you need to pause before being around others? What does support look like for you right now?

Now it is time to lean into connections. Reach out and share your emotions and thoughts with team members. Engage in curiosity. Share questions. Relay key learnings. Engaged teams are more effective teams.


Protect time and space for building workplace relationships. Actively engage in words and deeds that grow relational trust. Set boundaries. Communicate needs. Embrace accountability. Seek clarity when there is confusion. Offer grace to yourself and team members.

Develop clarity in one's own perspective and a deeper curiosity of others. Reflect how your lived experiences impact your values, perceptions and behaviors. Lean into better understanding the complexity of others' lived experiences that have shaped their values, perceptions and behaviors.

Internally prepare yourself to give feedback that is empathic and actionable. Receive feedback with curiosity and self compassion. Utilize skills to navigate discomfort and lean into hard conversations rather than 'tapping out'. Know when it is time to take breaks. Assure you own your part. Move forward with key learnings and apply them.


With improved trust and engagement, expect better information to flow from all levels of the organization. Better informed decisions lead to innovation and more effective actions. Apply what you learn as you collaborate and create.

Actively build and utilize strategies to name and interrupt exclusion when it occurs. Learn what it means to be an ally and sponsor. Honor others by assuring your behaviors are aligned and led by those you want to support.

Practice skills that foster a belonging culture. Promote behaviors that enhance psychological safety. Actively engage in sponsorship opportunities. Assure that systems are in place to invite all voices and follow through with committed actions.

Who we partner with:

  • Senior Talent Managers
  • Learning & Development Managers
  • C-Suite Stakeholders
  • Regional, National & Multinational organizations
  • Companies navigating a change
  • Financial, Tech and Manufacturing work cultures

Deliver measurable results.

Developing effective leadership and cohesive teams is essential for driving any company forward. Resilient leaders provide vision, direction and strategies for their organizations, while resilient teams collaborate to execute projects and initiatives, create innovative solutions, and enhance productivity.

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Setting aside dedicated time to discuss company priorities to align goals, improve productivity and drive success.


Develop and execute a systematic approach to cultivate and optimize your organization’s human resources.


Experience the engagement, innovation & measurable results of resilient leaders & teams.

Results we have helped create

“COVID and racial justice issues created unprecedented stress and strain on our leaders, their teams and the families we serve. Dr. Jackson-Dyer inspired each of us to lead bravely and with compassion, while supporting us with everything we needed along the way. She provided us the practical skills and emotional intelligence to create resilience in our people and systems. We will definitely continue to expand our work with Allison as she genuinely cares about my staff and students, and her approach and knowledge are second to none.”

Dr.Kim Dryier
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services, Consolidated High School District 230 (Illinois)

“Yukon Learning’s future success will require us to collaborate and communicate more effectively as a company but also with our customers. To arm our leadership team with those skills, we turned to Dr. Allison Jackson-Dyer who shared the Dare To Lead program with us. We truly enjoyed the experience, which was chalked full of amazing takeaways, and we were able to immediately apply what we learned with other team members within our organization.”

Kim Perkins
President, Yukon Learning

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does this take? Will we need your help “forever?”

First and foremost, our methodology is designed so that you become self-sustaining through this work.
To ensure that, The Resilience Effect™ generally requires 6-12 months of commitment, to include completion of coursework, group coaching, participation in multiple simulations, and just-in-time support.

Which formats do you offer this in?

The Resilience Effect™ is a end-to-end solution delivered through eLearning, virtual group coaching, and live components.
Our system is designed to create internal leadership that can be self-sustaining. Some of our clients choose to maintain an ongoing relationship with us.

How will you get my staff “on board?”

We are familiar with the resistance that comes with this work and understand that each team member and company are in different stages of readiness for this work.
Our process is designed to navigate the discomfort of shaping resilient leaders and teams.
We begin with an intake survey to not only clarify your goals, but to better understand what it will take to gain the buy-in of your team.
It’s important that we know who to include and how to strategically build success with your stakeholders.

I didn’t see my company type listed - can you still help me?

The short answer is “yes.” Are you committed to improving your leadership skills? Are facing significant change or evolution?
The Resilience Effect™ can deliver the engagement and work culture you need in order to move forward. We look forward to speaking with you!

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