Resilient Leaders Build Resilient Teams and Resilient Companies.

How Do We Do That?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from hard things and is a key factor in leadership.
At Resilient Leaders, we believe resilience building starts from the inside out. We provide learning experiences, coaching and brave spaces for practice and application so that leaders can hone skills in all three layers of resilience.

Our three key areas of focus in resilience building include:

The ability to recognize emotions as feedback, navigate any discomfort that comes from the emotion, and move forward stronger.

The ability to build relationships (individual and team), grow relationships, recognize ruptures in relationships, and repair ruptures so that work moves forward.

People matter. Their contributions matter. Their voice needs to be heard. People need to be connected to others in meaningful ways. Every day actions lead either to building a sense of belonging or excluding others. Successful work cultures actively build belonging and actively address exclusion.


“COVID and racial justice issues created unprecedented stress and strain on our leaders, their teams and the families we serve.

Dr. Jackson-Dyer inspired each of us to lead bravely and with compassion, while supporting us with everything we needed along the way. She provided us the practical skills and emotional intelligence to create resilience in our people and systems. We will definitely continue to expand our work with Allison as she genuinely cares about my staff and students, and her approach and knowledge are second to none.”

Dr. Kim Dryier
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services
Consolidated High School District 230

“Yukon Learning’s future success will require us to collaborate and communicate more effectively as a company but also with our customers. To arm our leadership team with those skills, we turned to Dr. Allison Jackson-Dyer who shared the Dare To Lead program with us. We truly enjoyed the experience, which was chalked full of amazing takeaways, and we were able to immediately apply what we learned with other team members within our organization.”
Kim Perkins
Yukon Learning